Price: $71

Seller: Lewisburg Animal Shelter
State: Arkansas
City: Lewisburg
Zip code: 37091
Type: Animals

Hi, this is Buddy!
He is loacated at the Lewisburg Animal Shelter in Lewisburg, TN.
He is a 2yr. old Mountain Cur looking for his forever home. He is VERY sweet and wants to please everyone!
He ADORES people, even though he hasn't been treated very well in his short life.
He was brought to the shelter after a family had found him wandering around thier property on 1/13/11. He was VERY skinny and had a cold, but he is healthy now and gainning weight.
His original adoption fee was $71, but the family who brought him to the shelter sponsered him and now it has been reduced to $25.
Buddy has until 2/3/11 to get adopted, if he doesn't get adopted by then, he will be put to sleep.
Unfortunatly due to the lack of adoption interest, dogs at this shelter are put to sleep on a weekly basis.
Please help Buddy!
Thank you and God bless!